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Repair Services

Repair Services

Aqua Sprinklers uses the best products available on the market today, but from time-to-time even "the best" needs a little repair and up keep. Our trained professionals will quickly diagnose and repair problems associated with the equipment we install.

If you have a general repair need, please call us at 973-636-6770.

If you have an emergency need, contact our rapid repair number at 973-897-8721, for a quick response.

Expert Irrigation Technicians

At Aqua Sprinklers, LLC, we have expert people who can work on any kind of irrigation problem. We can provide outright solutions to your sprinkler problems because of our decades of experience in landscape irrigation repair and maintenance. Our people are also certified irrigation technicians, so they use proven methods and techniques when working on your irrigation system. They can repair drip, sprinkler, rotary, and other types of irrigation systems. With us, you can avail a comprehensive repair service at a client-friendly rate.

Moreover, our company adopts systematic procedures to ensure fast completion of any repair job. We always perform a thorough assessment of your entire irrigation system to determine the root cause of the problem. With this approach, we are able to identify other issues that can affect the proper functioning of your sprinklers and other irrigation components. For example, a sudden increase in your water consumption can be caused by faulty sprinklers, burst pipes, and other defective irrigation components. We assess the condition of each component and perform repair works when necessary.

Modern Repair Tools and Equipment

Our use of modern tools and equipment is one of the reasons why we are on top of the competition. We have a complete inventory of various tools and equipment that we use for our irrigation repair service. These resources help us pinpoint critical issues on your irrigation system. They also make our job faster and more efficiently. If you want the best people to work on your malfunctioning or defective watering system, call us today. We will send our certified technicians to your location fully equipped with the right tools and equipment. We also bring replacement parts and supplies to avoid delays in our work.

Reliable Repair Service

Our primary objective here at Aqua Sprinklers, LLC is to provide each valued client the best repair service possible. We always act fast on your call by sending our well-trained technicians to your location. They will carefully assess the maintenance and repair needs of your landscape irrigation using our proven approaches and methods. Our technicians will identify the problems and recommend corrective actions such as adjusting water pressure or replacing defective parts.

We are popular among NJ property owners because of our reliable repair service. We offer them quality workmanship and immediate solutions to their irrigation problems. You, too, can have a 100 percent functioning watering system all year round by hiring our services. We can also perform regular maintenance on your system to prevent early deterioration of your system. You can also avoid costly repair costs since the problem is addressed before it becomes worst.

Some of the repair works that we can do include but are not limited to the following:

  • leaking sprinklers and valves
  • clogged nozzles
  • broken sprinkler heads
  • missing or defective nozzles
  • low water pressure
  • non-working zones
  • problem with low voltage
  • non-functioning rain sensors
  • pipe breaks and leaks
  • defective controllers

Dial our hotlines today if you have more questions about our repair service.

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