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CAST Lighting, LLC.

Aqua takes great pride in the work we do. That is why we only work with the best equipment. We use CAST Lighting, a premier manufacturer of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting fixtures, transformers, wire and other outdoor lighting system components. Based in Northern New Jersey, CAST Lighting makes the best products to use in your project.


We offer full installation and design services for New Jersey residents. Contact us today to find out what Aqua can do for you!


Premium-quality Lighting Products

At Aqua Sprinklers LLC, we use top-quality lighting products and supplies from reliable manufacturers. Aside from CAST Lighting, our expert electricians also use and install products from Encore Lighting, another company with an outstanding landscape lighting product line. When your outdoors is fitted with lighting systems from these two names, you can expect it to be properly-lit at all times, even during harsh weather. The Encore products that we use are made from topnotch materials, available in a wide range of designs, stylish, and durable. Since you won’t have to perform frequent repairs and replacement, you will save a lot on maintenance cost.

At Aqua Sprinklers LLC, we can install all kinds of outdoor lighting products and materials. We offer this service at client-friendly rates, so you should not worry about your budget. The different types of lights that we can install in commercial and residential landscapes include the following:

  • Pathway lights
  • Uplights/downlights
  • Underwater lights
  • Hardscape lights
  • Well/in-ground lights
  • Step/deck lights

Excellently Done Lighting Setups

We can create a personalized lighting setup based on your needs, as well on the appeal and ambiance that you want to achieve for your outdoors. We can use your desired fixtures and place them in the exact spots that you require. Also, we can apply any or a combination of these techniques to achieve your desired appeal and effect:

  • Moonlighting/accent lighting. This technique lets us mimic the effect of moonlight on trees, plants, and other structures in the yard.
  • Grazing. If you’re after additional dimension and depth for your outdoor features, then this method will work like magic. It’s perfect for patios, columns, and other vertical structures.
  • Shadowing. If you want to achieve a projector-like effect, then shadowing is the ideal technique. The lights are carefully placed in front of the object in such a way that the shadow is cast or projected onto a wall behind.
  • Silhouette lighting/silhouetting. This method works practically in the same way as shadowing. Here, the objects are also lighted to project their outlines to nearby walls.
  • Mirror lighting. This technique works perfectly for water features like ponds and pools by creating mirror images of aquatic plants and rocks on the water surface. Underwater lights may also be installed to achieve depth and point of interest.

Meanwhile, we can install automated lighting systems for clients who want a smart and hassle-free outdoor illumination. The system can be programmed to turn on and off at certain hours or even activate and deactivate based on detected movements (motion-activated). This way, you will have more freedom to move around your property at night. Plus, it simply looks cool!

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

We can help you save big on electric bills by using energy efficient lighting systems on your landscaping or outdoor area. We may use low voltage lights, LED, solar lights, or a combination of any of these eco-friendly products. We have reliable partner suppliers so we can easily install your desired lights and fixtures. Our company has been installing such eco-friendly systems for our New Jersey clients and they praise us for their significantly low monthly electricity bills. You, too, can enjoy the same benefits when you tap our services.

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